About IL MARE Mandolin Club


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We are one of the major amateur mandolin orchestras in Chiba city, Japan.


With nearly 50 musicians, ranging from college graduates to those who have retired as well as international members, we have been playing the mandolin music as the orchestra for more than 10 years since its foundation in 2008.


Our regular activities include the annual concert with full orchestra held every July as well as small volunteer-based concerts at hospitals and nursery homes about 10 times a year. The orchestra has a wide range of repertoires from classical mandolin works to popular classical pieces, film music as well as light music arranged for mandolin orchestra. 


We usually practice twice a month, the second Saturday and the fourth Sunday, in Chiba city, and always welcome new members with experience with mandolin music, particularly cello, guitar, and contrabass players! If you are interested, please feel to contact us to come and see us playing!


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